Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BliNdFoLdEd ...

I flutter with bliss unknown
when I know I’m surrounded by the darkest madness
only thing I can feel
is the warmth of the cloth above my eyes
and the glee in eyes in the rising sadness

I smile with a wrinkle beneath my eye
I laugh with the feel of you by my side
to dream about a shadow that will surrender to you forever
arms that will go wider at my distance
and closer when I’ll come closer

I touch you unaware of the scent that will get stuck
unaware of the smile that I will suddenly touch
into some wishes I dip each night
hoping for the sun to unfold my blindfold any morning

the silence will always alarm me of your shoes
of your distance , if ever , from me
till then I lie blindfolded under this sky
for ignorance is bliss at times !


  1. Shades of Irony at places, lending an unescapable effect! And the way it concludes- Ignorance is bliss at times! Just Brilliant! Loved it totally.. :) :)

  2. uffo! poetry toh is difficult to understand ! we miss the articles !!

  3. seems like being blindfolded is fun :)

    mast poetry

  4. @ chandan thank u soo much !! :)

    @anant okay point taken :)

    @mr happy it surely is...thank u so much !!