Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To My AnXiouS EnemY ...

and I jumped with the gleam of my eye
and decided to surrender the caging thoughts
and I looked back and smiled to what made me change
and decided to surrender the aging past
what you see on my face is not just a smile
its the decision to look alive again
it might not matter to u
is whether I exist or not
so is the same with me
my dear anxious enemy
U , like this poem , is past for me :)


  1. mast ri......kya pyar se thappad maara h.... ;) :D

  2. Nicely Done!
    To your Anxious enemy- Dhishum! ;)

  3. @ adi wahiii reeee ;)

    @ chandan :) totally dhishum !!

    @ ritx thanx dear !!