Saturday, July 24, 2010

TalK iN tErmS of BlaCk aNd WhItE ..

The little part of a winter night
that traces insanity ,at every midnight
I fall prey to your cozy arms
it spins my world more than any glass of wine

I live in proportion to your smile
in between I skip a beat
when you blink your eye in awe of nature
living together with the madness I relate to
loving you has never been considered sane !

`in this blank night I am filled up with questions
of what is so serene that locks me into you
I laugh at the thought of unlocking myself
how will the fish not need water to live ?

the little part of a winter night
closes not just into morning
but from me and you to us
and in terms of black and white
the only two things that make the winter night ! :)


  1. If this is the result of the conversation, then keep talking in terms of Black n White! ;)
    Very Nice post!