Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still of sAnd.....

The stillness promises to remain
but not the strength
with every rain I will wither
and loose my naked self
and come down to trash in some years
tumbling down the hill of time

the legend that I carried will still remain
or the love I carried still prevail
I thought no era could perish my power
but its not me, its the person I immortalize

I'm brimmed with inevitable silence
and have seen this still world in motion too
and have seen the glares admiring my beauty
and envying my power of being legendary too

I salute the power this legend granted me
and for the person who made me worth this 
just one blunder he made
added eyes to a lifeless statue
that made its world 
still in motion !


  1. To the Statue and the Sculptor! :)
    Timeless beauty! Brilliantly done!