Saturday, July 31, 2010

LeT's DiSappEaR ...

if only I could disappear
I could find the reason for my existence
and what is to be present
and what is to live only in perception

I find something choking deep inside
that refuses to extinguish
a thing that is infusing darkness
in thoughts , making it cold

I wish I could feel the spin of the smoke
and rise of the urge to gulp and get high
the motion of senseless swinging on the floor
more of in concord, than one spirit in a fight

below the sky I disappear
like I never existed , too tiny for a name against it
above some notions I wish to disappear
like they never existed , too little against their power

I look at my palm , and its intricate design
and wonder if this lead to my existence
for many I matter, many I don’t
for many like snow, with heat I disappear

sometimes I will fall numb in my nerves
and feel my feet without my ground
I wish I could stack up all my fears
and disappear in the lights of this noise

if only I could disappear
I would see this world a different way
sunshine that gives rise to light
and sunshine that burns a world’s side...


  1. You listed such nice reasons to, just disappear into nothingness! Chhuu mantar! Very beautifully done! But You do not diappear anywhr.. Keep writin .. n write more often! :) N instead let all those worries n noises do the disappearing act! :)
    Nice post all the way!

  2. thank u soo soo much fr those words...and for reading the blog always... !! :)
    trust me um tryng hard not to vanish... :)

  3. Ohh, Full trust granted ! And anytime u get that weird feeling, Type it down .. The feeling will vanish! As I guess , It did yestday! :)

  4. lil bit :) thanks neways ! :)