Friday, July 9, 2010

Edge .....

I see a  picture that seems hazy

unclear in its intentions
as if hiding behind a glass
or dew or fog
I feel a power that seems to fuel no more
neither the greed , nor the needs
as if a tumbling stone being called by water
will sink in , of living on the edge
I feel people doubting you God
tell them the only thing real is you
they take me towards the clamour , the world
they have their fake angels , every one like your kind
I feel life asking me to breathe in
for how will I realize death if never given into life
I just surrendered , started living and beyond
I feel like the coal , burnt till desire
I feel like a flower . just bloomed to admire
I pretend like a grown up , to feel their thoughts
I pretend to live on the edge, only to hide , my fear of water !

1 comment:

  1. very nice! Living on the edge has its own thrills! But jumping off it into the water! Priceless! As is the post! very nice.. :)