Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The DaRk Sky....

does the darkness follows?
or the light comes near?
let me confess to you
the biggest of my fears
suddenly I wake up
to an esoteric enlightenment
I furnish myself
for the light and the unknown darkness
of the perfect shadow that can heal all the wounds
of an image that when noticed
will mesmerize you dear
I feel liberated, I feel unbound
I have a fair reason to fly in the sky
the earth no longer suffices my hunger
the one that surrounds
now I can touch you my dark sky
the very urge to finish you , quells my fear!


  1. Now that was indeed an esoteric one! Confession, enlightment, Darkness, liberation, mesmerism - It had everythng! Nice one.. But I repeat.. A very esoteric one! :)

  2. nicely put up and ended too well :)