Sunday, June 27, 2010

RuthlesS SmilE

you come and go , the ruthless smile
resemble the devil , tell myriad lies!
I fancy you in my curved world
you set things straight when you pass by
I imagine you smiling , yes it does seem wry
you make me wonder where do I lie
In your heart ? or in the mean mind?
you treat me simply
or with pouring desire
I feel as if I’m an object in your sight
I will roll on and break inside
blur is the world , see your effect
I am numb , mesmerized
sooner or later I will break under your foot
Just a part of this game
till I love the ruthless smile!


  1. i didnt knew girls also fall for guy's smile :)

  2. superb post! A brilliant choice of the topic , n then a brilliant description! loved it ! :)
    Keep up! n keep enjoying the game.. :)
    btw.. this guy in the pic- his smile seems so gentle! not at all ruthless! :P

  3. @ mr happy... girls do! they just are lil secretive ;)
    @chandan .. thanx as always fr reading ! and I sadly cdnt find a smart enough guy in ne pic ;)

  4. arre I wasn't talkin abt the smartness quotient! It was just the smile!