Monday, June 21, 2010


With more the people I meet , I realize how mad this world is. Each and Every person here yells and cries out a story , be it happy , sad , catastrophic or mean . it is but another story . another because what everyone is concerned with is just their story . they hardly care what are the difference facets of other people and their tales!
You ask me the reason why the hell do I come here to pen down my vulgar views about this lot . It's because I feel I've been belonging there lately !
I feel mad! Mad of toil , work , life , its sagaciousness and my insanity . I am mad because of joy , sorrow and the mixed fruit juice of emotions life throws at me at every step . I feel like pumping into the juice grinder some Masala for me !!
God I hate the alphabet M now!
But you know what ! Life will never stop being bitchy and sweet to me!
and so will I. Or I must say rather us!
Do you hear me???
Yes I'm shouting !!! I need no pen or paper to describe the disaster you cause ! the faiths you shake , the rifts you create !
do you realize how acerbic you are? where you will tend to end this bitterness and be mine? Be what I want it like ?
No no I'm not a cry baby !! I can write and pour down , puke like I've had all the junk food in the world and still be ready to push out more of it !
With so many people and expectations around you , you sometimes feel supressed...
not even " I dont give a damn !! " statement works, coz even at the end of this statement .. you gave enough damn to ponder about if you really dont give a damn !
I am mad of the happy times I witnessed lately , and some super happy ones that will stay for long !
I am mad of some void that does not seem to move out !
is there a fill in ever made?
or will it persist ?
I am insane because of the goverments that do not work ! the people that are corrupt ...I envision an incredible India and thn ask myself really ?
I am insane because I do not get to write enough these days !
but after this I feel better !!
things get more clear when you empower yourself with words and plunge out them on the paper as if a warrior plunges into the battle field!
yes you're meant to be defeated...
and I can speculate that not many will understand the purpose of  me filling in this space with these words... but then some how it caters to my soul .
everything that connects is abstract ! just like the noun we have studied in classes!
I will be back very soon with something usefull.
This was for a mad soul !
In the menu : mad curry of life !




  1. strange but true !!!! nice one ...:)

  2. Nice u felt better after writing this down! :)
    n welcome to the club! :P
    But as u said, in the end, it will always be another story! Gud Luck.

  3. and then u rise again to fight the odds and feel the pain or the happiness...Sach is life:)