Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NeeD oF LifE ...

Brunt by the mean heat
I stand brown under this blue sky
When the ruddy colour takes over me
I still lie naked , of the hue of brass
There are cleaves over my surface
I need water , I need rain 
I spread my burns to all who travel 
Above this earth that feels so dry
They feel the same agony , I give them the same pain
Pour me down with the need of life , Jal 
I need to live through this sun of Yous God!


  1. Finally, Your readers got their share of Rain n respite! :)
    n hope you get your share soon too! Gud luck!

  2. @ chandan thank u for those wrds :) !! i actually need some rains !

    @mr happy - hope thank u so much ! :)