Monday, November 30, 2009

FriEnd <3

one wicked smile
one naughty face
one made to frown
another one full of grace

there were many names I had
and many pepple to choose
I thot I'll mix up wd her well
but she was not my kind
demanding and loose

I wanted smone to grip me tight
the one who fights
yet ends it right
one who would stay when asked to leave
one who would know when my naughty mind beeps

I had the least notion
that I cd click with you
I always knew you were fine
but how come finest of all the ones new?

and then times go on by
I fall more fond of you
our memories and the jokes
right timings and the support
my whole world with time is a part of you

some moments when I have
grudges cz I could not complain
grudges cz you go apart
and then someday come with me again
grudge that I could not say
how much in mean while I missed you
I hated you for being away
and not getting my words through

but now when I look back
and see us smiling togethr
I feel all was meant to happen
some days good,and some better

when these times would end
and I would wish for some new
I dont know if I would get back
some moments here and there with you

for all I can say
for all the tyms I missed
I have met a lot of people
one friend,in one life,thats U

1 comment:

  1. Lovd this one.. The theme was so apt.. And so were the words! The last ones were the best-
    " I have met a lot of people,
    One frnd, in one life. that u!"
    Beuatifully done..