Sunday, October 3, 2010

AbSoluTely AwAy

There's a cost of disappearing
You loose the bound of the string that connected you to the world before
And the inertia of solitude at times tempts you
To stay in the space , away from the earthy gravity

There is also a cost of appearing
You surrender like a celebrity to the mob
And they pull the silence out of you
And stuff in the clamour again

After some time , you feel as if the space was better
And recursively keep yielding to it , and coming to this magnetic earth

Tonight I feel absolutely away
Near to an esoteric alien !
Entangled still , but above the gravity
And loving this freedom from it


  1. Right on! Both come at a cost! You just need to be sure that, at a paticular instant, what are you willing to pay for. Nice post, Enjoy the freedom! :)