Monday, November 8, 2010


Before I breathe
I would like you to know
I am living in the reflections 
The memory 
in its entirety 
is yet to be lived again 

I will cross your street again 
to see you a little older 
a little lost and careful 
to see how you have been 
from where I left 
till where I caught 

The negatives of pictures
Still smell strong
Of something that remains
I will come again
To see you across the lamp-post
Are they correct
Or they are , just stale negatives

I will collect some flowers
I know you would love them
From a street ,As you always like
To bring the same smile
Back on your serene face

What I lost in these streets 
Was a friend I loved the most
And I'm happy around the corner
I saw a lady cleaning the streets
And it reminded me
Of the dirt I still hold 

Was just living reflections
When I thought to live a memory again 

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