Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't actually believe in posting narratives, but sometimes you feel such things that you want people to know. My last post Fallen Gods was pure fiction. Very contrary to its title, I am a God fearing person and though not so religious, but still full of invisible faith. At times I grow partial in my worship, at times worship ,just by the name God. Also I do believe that he gives you signs of paths, the ones you need to choose , when you are sad . I am usually a very happy person, adamant in my choices and hence happy in my ways. But there have been somethings lately that I too felt distressed about, some regrets on whatever happened. Just when I returned to my hostel this evening carrying a bad news, and nothing positive besides me(something that rarely happens ) , I was blown away by the number of signs He was giving to me. Happiness comes in messages , in myriad ways , saying I need to realize all thats prior. I think work or studies and everything else that you do , becomes of very little importance when you do not feel like yourself. It's worse than a stranger husband, worse than a hostile pet and worse than your mirror wiping your trace . But then you should count on the signs that come to you sooner or later. When you feel disheartened , think nothing. Its better to stay like a blank paper. That accepts writing only in genuine ink. The ink will show you the things meant to be concerned for. If the cause of your worry does not lie into this list, then leave it completely . He has some other plan. I'm not trying to lecture , but certainly trying to make you believe, that when you're not happy, God gives you reasons to choose a path for yourself, which is the best possible solution . But you cannot see these signs when you are tensed. That is why, grow blank. The ink will surely write a success story. And make both ink and the paper, entwined in belief . I know its very difficult to be calm, but whats wrong in staying calm , if you'll get to find a solution ,and that too guided by Him.
The day when you'll feel connected, you'll realize , how futile are your worries and how blessed are you to be having more than you want.
This video is one of the signs he gave me -

pocket full of sunshine
might loose its rays
there are dark clouds haunting you
But He always promises a way

Feeling blessed

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