Thursday, January 24, 2013


Out of curiosity I read today about sleep patterns  and learnt that I'm a foetal sleeper. I release all my tensions while sleeping. So the unconscious curling up has a meaning too. Foetal sleepers are those who curl up while they sleep, the more the curl, the fresher they wake up next morning. So I need to sleep like a puppy tonight to wake up all fresh tomorrow morning. On second thoughts, that could sprain my neck and back. Nevertheless, I sleep in the  log position in the afternoon. Which means I am stubborn in the daytime and I don't prefer relaxing. I have things on my mind. Quite true as half the day is gone in jumping from one lecture to another and I have a lot of networking and projects to do in the other half of the day. Good that even in my dreams, I recognize that. Good that I am a practical sleeper. Not a hopelessly snoring one! None of the posts on the internet talked about occasional Tsunami like moments in my sleep when I fall from the bed, or sense as if I am falling and wake up scared.
I have the habit of keeping as many pillows as possible on the bed to get the feeling of a lion sleeping in his den! Over stated statement that was !

Nevertheless , have a good night sleep! Much needed!

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