Monday, November 10, 2014

Dwell in possibility

I never thought this day would come. This is one historical day when I could finally overcome my writers block.

I thought about writing several times, while I got placed, while I started job, my first pay cheque and many such moments. The truth about writing is that you can write only when you are feeling strongly about something. Perhaps I am not as materialistic as I assumed myself to be, not overwhelmed by money that I earn, or a job that I bragged. My worldly connection was at a different angle.

Pain and love are my worldly connections. Last week I was in pain due to some health conditions. And needless to say, I received lot of love with some aberrations. Aberrations were not personal, all official. Sometimes I wonder, how important is my work so as to cause those aberrations. Atleast I could feel the discomfort caused. Ofcourse no one would say it, but it was officially evident.

Talking about love, I finally reached home to receive loads of it. Pain eventually succumbed as love took over. Family, friends and even maids; all were very cooperative.

Today when I picture myself admist a difficult time, I dwell in the possibility of it passing by. If something like writing, which I deeply loved, could return to me, there is always a chance that this tough time shall pass.

Dwell in possibility. Lets begin talking again :)

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