Saturday, August 22, 2009

LoSt N FoUnD

Its a story very close to my heart...I feel there are always a bunch of intimate things...not literally though...but yes..its a story ...
Once upon a time there was a couple...a couple as cohesive as any other of its kind might sound so paradoxical to some...but it was a couple...and was together as ever.. and just like the others on the block , they were married...had two kids...whom they loved more than their lives...and both were enjoying their lives together. As time went on they got used to each other. Day by day they got so used to what held within the boundaries of their house, that they forgot what actually bounded them. Confined within the four walls, they laughed , they cried, they did everything they were fond of , except, accept their love for each other. They learnt it all..yet in vain . They still went on, struggling through each day that comes by, trying to find another waypoint in the journey, satisfying another ambition , tired , more, still . Just like this fullstop , their lives were ending ( not really ) but they were making money, success , fame ...but nothing yet out of their lives .

Till a day, their saturation came, and they decided to take a day off and go on partying, just like their good old teenage days...when fervour for each other, voice , charm , the silent peek-a-boos , the forbidden dates, the every daffy activity that a teenager does, was successfully executed by them . And then the big night..they got married...and even if I do not make a churning sound its quite evident that all the passion they had vanished. As if poison left the snake , its very essential part .

And so they celebrated, a day off, away from the buzz of phones, pagers, door-bells, unwanted guests, their favourite sitcoms and their fights over their indulgence in them ...any thing and everything . And there they ordered shots of vodka , down one after the other , so many, they any ways lost the count long back. They looked at each other, with eyes full of something they had last seen on their first , indulgence , hope mixed with sleep . It eventually started with abuses, was not even shocking for both of them to cater themselves with the amorous credentials that were being capitulated at them. They loved abusing, just as they loved calling out each others names after each beep word . And after an eventful series with they started commenting together ,like two boys sitting on stairs of any college and chattering about something funny on the ground, about how badly he ogled on the waitress serving their adjacent table. And while making their futuristic stories...they clubbed in most part of their lives...n made it as monotonous as their one was. Done with this part they again looked at each other and smiled, and again, smiled . The wife suddenly had a jolt, she dropped her head on the table, pushed it again hard up, and then blushed. He was ogling at her. And she said...u find me nice?? N he answered negatively. With beady eyes she continued to look, and he prompted in her ears....very nice ! She was glad, as if heard something she has been waiting for, something that caused so much pain, yet was a relief to listen after so many years, so long, a time that touched and wounded their lives...she was proud...this was a thing that it could not change...and she was laughing... And so did he, seeing her smile...he also joined with the flow...and both laughed a lot...till they realized they were annoying the tables besides them. And then she said, I hate you for taking time to say that, I hate you for all the times you missed that, and I hate you for saying it when you are not in your senses, but I love you when you are not...coz at least are mine. He was touched by her sentiments, though he could not very well understand the hate part, coz his head was spinning, he did get the love part, a part that has always belonged to him . She put her head down, facing him, watching him, laughing on and off, and then said, two or three... after how many shots do you promise to treat me the way you used to before . And he, caressed her head and said, none, n said “ time must stop here, for it is heaven to see u smile after so long , had God been here he would have replaced my water with vodka so that I treat you like this the whole year around , always , but since he’s not here and also since vodka would harm my health and decrease the number of years left with you, I think I’ll manage with a promise, that I’ll be the same, who knows vodka effects the next time or not !! “
And they laughed again, this time, not caring about the tables besides, caring about nothing that was beside, laughing in and out, n reiterating , the three magical words . The security guard had to shut them up....and also escort them out of the bar, for they were drooling over each other...a part most adults loose out...the love they ‘ve had just a few years ago ...
Rarely you’ll find moments where God gives you a chance to be the love in you, to be the kind you were a few years ago, expressive, and a little less egoistic, it does not harm to be good, but it always harms to say silent, when words were all that was expected 


  1. Touchy.
    The characters cld very easily be ppl of our parents generation.(guess that is why it is intimate)