Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've had n I've not

I've never had a mystery that defines my bound
Never had this idea that flikers all time around
I've never touched sand with a feel that
A day or so ..it'll be the place i'll sink in

I've never had exceptions that makes me diffrent
yet I've had talents beyond the magic of minds
I've never grown fond of age that falls
But I've made life worth...all the while around

I've had illusions that failed to settled
also had the worst of upsetting realities grabbing me
I've had mistakes I'm addicted to
Also had some to which regrets taller grew

I've had inspiring rages..nd unbreakable bondages
I left no stones unturned..to keep them off my pages
I've had moments of growing low..some of rising high
Some turning sour..some taken on try

I've poisoned my thoughts..just to grow a little sweet
Wicked in ths world...lies chagrin truth beneath
I respite from the knowlege that I need to confess
A life I lead....the life I breathe :)

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