Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hah....u might be wondering why I called it the saga... and I assure I’ll make u believe in my iteration after u go on and read...

And it goes like this...

I get up at 3 in the night or morning ( for the nocturnal people and the incorrigible sleepers , me belonging to the latter category ) and I get ready to board a bus to my lakshmangarh...my college...my not so beloved mody ( I’ve already exaggerated enough ). And I reach the bus stand , board the bus and sleep within five minutes . And the eyes open with the roaring of the bus..the horn that beeped on top of our heads ( that is me and my friends ) . And we found out eventually that we were stuck at the good o famous sikar bus depot . There is something very peculiar about that depot, unlike the delhi and Mumbai ones I have seen, you would either find women and men clad in typical rural attire or you’ll find girls ( but obviously ) going or coming back from mody. And few among the latter mob were we...still sleeping in the bus that just refused to move and inch because of a puncture ...resting one of its tyres peacefully in cow dung...the only thing i noticed when I peeped out of the windows and pushed back myself in after noticing the dhoti-clad men staring at me ....phew...it sucks !

Not briefing it more...we reached the ultimate destination and straight away entered the college gate with the gatekeeper wondering that how can someone be so dedicated as to enter the college gates at 7 : 30 in the morning and that too people that just came out from a jaipur to Bikaner bus ( must have been that only I suppose ). Yes it was indeed miraculous...when the all time late comers enter college at the least expected time at odd morning hours ( they were sufficiently odd for us ). But still we managed to keep our reputation by keeping the let’s chuck this damn thing feel in our hearts....coz even after reaching the college gates we hoped it would get cancelled and we can again board a bus...and go home!!! Yeaiiiee!!! And the plans FAILED !

We reached new fet and in 10 minutes a phone rang informing us that the venue for the much awaited workshop was old fet...tired , sleepy and frustrated of leaving home coz of the workshop ...we caught sight of an auto outside new fet building....and the brains started drooling over the idea of convincing him to drop us...

Who would dare...but we approached....and he agreed...asking us...” aapko pakka haina koi dikkat nahi hogi” ...dikkat ....what trouble will it cause 10 girls to plunge into that poor auto if it saves walking half a kilometre to reach to that god forbidden building... he was overwhelmed by our thank you bhaiyajiiii’s after we reached our destination...

Scene old fet : we see the first benchers of the other batch along with some first- time – noticed people there. We later got to know they were of our batch too...what people...what an identity...and we also sat fearlessly ...throwing our backpacks on the ground...some sleeping with novels in their hands....some not even attempting to pretend...sleeping aimlessly and with brevity what you might call...and that too....right in the middle of the corridors....

What else would you expect rather than girls swarming in and bringing babel along with them... of the tales of gossip girls and super old novels that they read recently...from who is looking sexy these days...from fringing on the talk of the upcoming new moon...to cringing at the flies that rested their butts on them here and there....unassuming after a while...coz the flies were adamant !

With someone very sensible drawing the idea to make a list of all the people that have arrived serially so that there is no fighting for entry into the workshop a list was circulated...we also carried on with our gossips and planning trips to places... that we would never visit...just for fun...for the sake of it! And then arrives the lab assistant after 3 hours of wait....and the girls get up as if some john Abraham has come in a concert...we ( pretty obviously ) ..preferred watching the activists and invoking jokes on the people around...they were a funny lot...!

Then comes the all time supreme and in power fourth year....each one entering the rooms with a confidence....that they have a seat reserved and no can fetch anything they lay hands on ( with due respect to my seniors ) ... I’ve had that look in some people ;) ...and so hopelessly hoping we waited more.... with a final opportunity to enter the lab...and the wondrous watch of the awaited IBM people....we placed ourselves at the first row of the lab...beleaguered by the issue that two people will have to share a seat...the common fear...who would fall when...I chose a slim partner and got seated...the rest is about the technical stuff...which even I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to narrate or not....I haven’t got the credentials that qualify me to do so....the rest goes on...

The hustle life of mody....which rests to gain momentum for the next race !

Moving on and ahead!


  1. Do you know sakshi? what adjctly is TGMC IBM WORKSHOP? it is to fool students, and to collect attention to IBM, which is going to loose its dignity in Software market. They are selling the products in FOC, wondering...

    Me :: System Administrator - AMITY

  2. thanx for the information mr sandeep

  3. well da passage is overr....where r da questionss...lol

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  5. Nice work sakshi! I just loved reading your blog . Each of your posts had something different and special...
    Although, i'm at much lower level to appreciate your work. I'm at loss of words.
    I'd just say that, i'm now a fan of urs :)

  6. hey thanx so much ritika....
    thank u....thats very sweet f u!