Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the road called life

Far asleep on a day
just when I opened my eyes
I found cheers on my way
all along the road that went by

I had few gudges that I kicked
and few regrets held up close
I let them enter..and so let them go
I knew it was what I chose

I had this person whom I met
while I was travelling life
he said me things I cant forget
he taught me to be mine

I had this feeling long upheld
a thanks confined in my shell
I let it out..and told him so
and all that ensued well

it struck me with some wonderous charm
I had my feet in air
could feel the beats could feel the zeal
I had now lots to flair

something that belonged to me
not the ones that grow old
it was a precious thing to be
of someone of your own

what brought me to you was the road i chose
and so i choose to walk down with you
flawless magic I’ve been through
let me be...so...till I’m there
all by your side...all with you

1 comment:

  1. o wao yar ecstatic..beautiful expression..its so soft n so soothing ..its like music to my ears..its beautifully written n expressed ..Kudos !! to u ..keep up d gud wrk my blessings n wishes freva wid u ...