Saturday, November 19, 2011

Similarities .

Yesterday I met " A " . "A" is ambitious and professional . He is not like me , but is not very different either .
A lot of things are common between people  that are mean and people that are mild . I wonder then why is the "bridge of differences" so elaborated and talked about, where as if you see, the similarities are everything that matter when you connect with someone . He also has some dreams that sound silly to me . Some dreams picked from ashes that never found their way to the sky . Does that make him happy ? Yes . He has lived those dreams no matter what and he is happy . Does it make me happy ? I too have also lost my dreams on my way up , it makes me happy I was brave enough to carry them . He wears spectacles , he cannot see much without them . He can vaguely identify me as me , but identifying friends is not only about his clear vision. I also wear spectacles . I can identify him with vision and without vision . Does that make me better ? No . Do you ever mistake while identifying your mother , father or brother ? No. It's within. It never separates. "A" is shrewd at times . While I take my time to figure out a perfect sentence that can calm a shrewd person , I indulge in another thought. Where is this bitterness leading ? Leading to a short life span ? May be . But then a lot of sugar is harmful too. Paranoid , the world is paranoid . So much fear you see. I see , "A" sees . "A" also tries to be good sometimes and help people over come this paranoid trend. Does it make him less paranoid ? Yes . Does it make me less paranoid ? Yes . I hear stories of how his lift man worked extra hours while he was busy with his project to serve him coffee , tea and chit chat about his wife and kids in between . "A" makes friends with everyone . Does it make me friendly ? Yes I learn a lot . So we together conclude that no two people are different . We all have had ice creams in childhood and danced like the worst dancer ever, learnt to take a leap , learnt to fear , to go back , to forgive and forget. We are experts in being human . Does it make me more human ? Yes .
So the next time you meet someone whom you find weird - freakish - not so sober . Get to know more of him  . Get to know why . And get to know the similarities , it will help.
If you can understand the difference between the sun and the moon , you can certainly understand what is common between them ..

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