Friday, November 4, 2011


Draupadi thought that may be this is the end of her secret . A secret which only the pandavas and her mother knows. The reality will seemingly lead everyone to distress . She knew that everyone here is waiting for Duryodhan to remove her attire and dramatize nudity . Could this be the first time a woman of her age fear her birth mark being revealed rather than being raped ? She calmed down to gauge the hideousness of the mark . It covered a large area of her pelvic bone towards the right of her torso. None of the pandavas were comfortable with this mole except Yudhishthir. He was the only one to confront her from front while making love, while the others used a different route. Long routes to circumvent the little parts that demean your beauty . Have men always been so moved by body than by soul ? Indeed , hideous, she thought. Nevertheless , it was not about men . She had to agree, her Yudhishthir was uneasy. She welcomed Duryodhan like a night, a night so dark and defeating.  Will this be called the fate of her beauty ?

Later in the afterglow of a Jugnu she thanked Krishna for His might and bid good bye to the night that kept the secret as it is.

Afterglow, yes afterglow .

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