Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A guy's diary entry ! part 2!

I zoomed my pulsar on this crowded road . We keep repeating this until we spot a smashing chick!
And since the week is known for being so romantic , we certainly wanted to have one girlfriend atleast ..focus on the atleast !
Suddenly we made a sharp turn , and a car slid in front of us and in commotion a rickshaw turned upside down and the road was jammed. The people passed us groans like we are the only ones to be blamed.
Men are always taken otherwise ! No benefit of doubt , never infact !
And there she was . In a salwar suit , at the golgappa shop !
An angel made in India . I lost my heart then and there . And I wanted to eat golgappa's till she leaves !
The pink on her looked so genuine and her kajal looked so unreal , I abused my friend twice to receive back the slangs again , so that I know that I'm not dreaming !
She raised her eyebrows looking at the traffic jam .
Had she not been there I would have slapped the car wala !
But only for her I left him there and parked my bike near the golgappa shop.
I opened my mouth as she lead the golgappa in and closed it when she was done. Only a few moments after , my friend thrashed  me to help me get out of this state .
"can't we have some golgappas too ? :( "
He made me realize that in order to do more bird watching we have been saving money and will certainly not waste on the golgappas!
dear diary !
I begin my plea here..
The turn of the road and the road jam was not accidental .
I swear on my pulsar and my glares .. she was aah :D
I have no words !

P.S boys will never have words ! specially when they fall in love ! :)

Happy V week ! hope u find someone !

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