Thursday, January 20, 2011

mEt a TeAchEr ..

I never thought I will post something about a teacher. No , I'm not an anti-teacher student , but I started loosing faith in them since I left school . I lost complete faith after one year of my college life . Not just in Teachers , but in people too. Here in my college , I met people very different from my usual previous school-time set and I wasn't proud of this fact. People in this place , have not changed since three years .

One in every thirty or forty people here , might think of helping you , or listening you , or remembering what was the issue you had and caring enough to solve it . Myriad instances I've had in these three years , of being intolerably tortured , unkindly treated by admin that treats students as unacceptable part of the college . I guess people are not taken as humans , but mere entities , unduly disrespected and de-motivated . What's with the harshness being so common ?

So insane or mad at what ? Students? Once they must have lived this life, right ? So why are blunders so hated? Students mistreated ?

I'm not against the rules , but I'm against the unnaturally weird behaviour and above all when you get to know it comes from a teacher , a guru , it comes as shattering . Was I treated badly ? At times yes . I ignored it , and killed the faith I long back had that kind teachers existed .

Until today I met some one for real at my college . Though I have also met some other good teachers ( those one  in forty ) , but this one was very much like a school teacher .

What made him different ? A lot of patience and respect for students , who are likewise adults and though not much , but worthy .

He treats students carefully , the way he would want to be treated . Respect does not come with the designations of Sir and Ma'am , but with actions that would invoke it to come from within . I don't agree if they are trying to make us strong by being so untowardly rude . When the entire nation has its  culture of flexibility and of talking to even strangers politely , where does aggression come in place at a university ?

I do not hold grudges to duly respected teachers who made it tough for me at times . I know they must have not been in a nice mood when I went to see them , or perhaps never in a nice mood . I'm no one to say this is wrong . Its freedom of expression . But I felt really nice to meet another one in the forty .

Now you would wonder what made him so special ? :)

He offered us unending help . Help in a way that you and I do  to people whom I care for , for people we call our own .
Help that every teacher must do to his / her students.

He will never get to read this I know . Still Sir , Thank You :)

You made my day !

and the good thing is , I have my faith back ! :)
to me , its the Teacher's Day !

Well taught , I feel ! :)

To all my college friends who might read this . Its the Sir whose cabin is in old fet white lab , opposite to Ajay Kumar Sir ! I still dont know his full name , so wont dare misspell it !

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