Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its another wish after all

It's a ritual that my blog has a post on the day of my birthday . Unlike the last year , I am now  bearable . An year makes you a better person ( I mean it should ) .
I have a lot of people to thank . A birthday right after college seemed so awkward.
Unexpectedly , my friends poured in such sweet messages for me , I miss them a lot.
Thank you so much for making my day special.
I realized that there are some qualities which make each one of us special , and like they say "18 till you die" likewise you must stay the same lovable person till you die.
Here , in my city , its raining right now. Seems like a refreshing start of the 23rd year :)
Its good to be remembered!
I wish the toils test the best of me , my spirit sticks to my intentions and my heart and mind hook on the same thing .
I wish every birthday goes like this one ! One more wish made , and God might label me super greedy ! :D

Thank you !
Saki :)

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