Friday, August 5, 2011

Lonely ?

I hate dogs . More than I hate eve teasers . I almost freeze when a dog approaches me. I get shivers by the thought that the dog might bite me then and there or I might have to run a mile for my life .

Around 10 am in the morning is a time for both men , women and dogs (sometimes pigs too, but I am not scared of pigs ) . The hustle-bustle of the city confuses dogs during early office hours . They might feel a part of this race to approach things not done and dreams not met (assuming they have psychological instincts like we humans) . But fear of dogs doesn't stop us from moving . Hence quoting this to myself , I pep up to risk a day with a dog chasing me.

They are not that wild though. But their presence counts. Like the presence of every creature counts. This I realized a few days ago.

The story goes like this
Our locality is haven for a beggar . I assume he likes the people of our colony . Most of them true punjabi's by instinct, give him a lot of food to manage at least two meals a day.

The place where he sits and has his food is visible from my room's window and quite often during lunch hours I notice him  sitting there and talking to himself .
I very easily assumed him to be mentally sick and asked my family to stay away.

Once , I was going somewhere by foot and saw him there at his usual place , blabbering something on his own . Just then , I saw him throwing a bit of his chapati behind . How could he even think of wasting the food thats given to him to save him from starving day and night? As I approached near , I saw he was feeding a crow . And talking to him about the lady who gave him food that day .
Stopped . Smiled . Thought .
And we say we feel lonely sometimes ?
There are times when you cannot reach through people . Take some time off from them . Its better to have people in life at least. They will come soon . Where else will they go ?
I no longer feel awkward when the dog follows me. I assume that he doesn't want me to feel lonely :P

Happy Friendship Day !

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