Monday, July 6, 2009

I Am

I am....
The one who kindles fire
The one who’s spirits never die
I exemplify endless power
Iniquity I always deny

I am not deaf to the clamour power makes
But I’m immune against its clout
I have an agile mind and soul
Vigour that runs throughout

I am as loud as my actions
As silent as my thoughts
Sometimes I crib about things
Sometimes I move and forget about

I am not stuck in the time warp
I am not a rebel towards change
I am not the one who exhibits calvinism
I don’t know how to chisel , but I how to play the game

I am intrepid and incisive
Pugnacious and sometimes raging
I reflect upon things before they reflect upon me
I’m cautious and calculative

I give no space to fate
To ruin my whereabouts
I lay my foot firm
And stand upright on my ground

I will never die
I was carved out to belong to this soil
Its my spirit , herculean and free
And will stay so till ages undefined

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