Friday, July 31, 2009

I WiSh I wAs StiLL nEw....

Its not the dream that enchanted
It was mystery amidst the sun
It wasn’t the fog that made things unclear
It was nostalgia high on run

For things will change for you and me
But we’ll always miss the abandoned fun
For life will stop by myriad waypoints
Journey was not so beautiful... untill you had come

The next time we meet it will happen so
That names I say...
would have never have been there
And will occur to me
That u have reached far....
from our common place in here

For the distance will never speak
That it wishes to succumb to what was before
And so will the laughs tell
To reach inside within and cure

It was not just a day
When I had you with me
Four years of my life
Ones those which i’ll never see

I fail to understand
What drives time so fast
I wish I was still new
And u were the same senior of past

And even if it would end
I know it well...someday
Things would be the same
You and now at the end of each day

For my dearest maansi boss....

1 comment:

  1. heya yar this is like really very reflects ur emotions so truly and so precisely..wonderful expression..bravo dear ..i wish all d success for u ..God Bless u