Monday, July 6, 2009

city cries

Fragility of life, in the day or night
Dipped in blood the children cry , enemies wry at what’s in their sight
Ravaging the town , penetrating the terror streets
Walls crashing down ,and homes falling apart indeed
Common man facing the uncommonly terrible phases of life
Conditions made to add to their saddening plight
Anything the city beholds could head away to carnage
A bag, a bin , a cycle or a temple, any place could be their target
They kill, they ruin and then smile at every shed of skin
As rage rises in the minds and frustration pumps in the soul
They feel glad, feel sound, when our hands reach out and helplessly mourn
I’m scared and really frightened, For all those I love and care
As who might know I’ll get to see them, The way I have since I’ve ever known them
They easily whip apart thousands of smiles, and I fear the next could be mine
The innocents are ripped apart and the corrupts hail
Its a reverse way in which these democracies prevail
How do i shout out , i’m longing for help
Where do i need to go, everywhere they welt
All the year round, there is mow down in the towns
Some kill for God, the others live for him
Its courage that we imbibe from him , that helps us stand still
It will fight against the odds and the mind will find a way out
All that we need, is a voice that calls out
Courage will shine out in the blood of an injured when he smiles
Or in the glory of the commandos when they return from the fight
Courage is in the mind of the one who wishes to speak
For he at least thought , about the patriotism he long back preached
It’s we who can mend the tattered hearts and help to join the broken ties
When not just the man, but the entire city cries..

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