Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At times

A triangular folded page was the cause of her discomfort . The story , completely written to please it's audience , could not make a place for itself in her heart. She seemed like a partial woman . A chauvinist who hates to hear about the goodness of her nation and the government . She had her own supporters . A clan that could talk about how some governments did everything for good , which was rid of corruption and full of transparency . Like she had a few takers , the writer was an acclaimed one too. It was against her rules to despise the narration of an acclaimed writer . Torn between her  thoughts and her rules , she opened the book . This time to read with none of her obsessions , neither chauvinism nor objective rules.

Because she inherently contradicted his point at every word , after every page, her discomforts rose. After few hours of reading , she took a break from this writer and searched on the internet about what he was doing these days . She found out that he is involved in social activism against some norms and laws of the nation. He is supporting parties that want radical changes in the system . Yes, the system he once supported.

Suddenly all this left her thinking , that if after all these years , he could go against every word of his entire book to an extent that he sets a battle against the system he supported , who know , she might , leaving her chauvinism , fall for her country , before the book ends . 

Now there were two stories . The one in the book , and the one in her mind . She read one and structured the other simultaneously . Without any bias . 
Her chauvinism set her free finally . Freedom of thoughts can lead to freedom of judgement .

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