Monday, September 12, 2011


A small cartridge as wikipedia defines it to be. I found one struggling between my old books , hidden as if voicing an illicit love note. Out of curiosity , I wiped off the dust with my purple shirt to look for signs of it's content . None that could clearly equip me . The volume was set low , in fear that a secret might pour out with audacity . Voices from the past must not cause turbulence in present .
Another fear was that a sharp govinda song might leave me in a sullen mood.
With these fears , I pushed the play button . Increased the volume because the music was - the need of  time .
"Here I am - Brayn Adams "

He knew perhaps . His words , even out of an old cassette , will relieve a lot of people . And hence he is always there.

And what followed was a dance :)

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