Friday, September 30, 2011

gust of ..

A sudden thing , tempted by my arrival , started circling me like a perpetrator. I tried with all my strength to stop it from creating a turbulence in my scene, but all in vain. This something had entered the scene even before I could realize. It felt like a love and hate relationship . For it loved getting entangled in my hair , attire and eyes . I , brimmed with agony , felt it like a stone. Just when I decided to vanish from the scene , I saw a man . He was dressed formally ,not with the kind of demeanor I assumed him to be. I say so , because when he entered my scene , he held his arms loose in the air. The one that caused turbulence my side was the one that caused  pleasure for him . He came close and said, "I knew this breeze will dishevel me with all it's might. I cannot take it's might away . All I can do , is surrender with peace. For this way , both the sides will be in a better position , The wind - satisfied and the weaker me - happy while I yield. "
Now , the scene had two people. Both enjoying the mighty breeze .

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