Sunday, October 9, 2011


"You cannot undo things . Life will give you all sorts of experiences to fret about. You never stop cribbing, life never stops to listen. Fair enough ! Don't you think so? "
So tonight we will discuss life! I thought. After a long day of work, she expects me to talk philosophy at this hour. Yes it is 2am - so called morning. A little early to be called a morning and a little late to be called night. But this is her time , time when she talks to me. I am - 'A'.
I welcome you to her world.

So she talks about her new camera and why she is unable to get a nice sleep. I am to be blamed for everything in this world. So I take the blames. Who will otherwise? I have to. I am meant to. No don't take me casually. I have a very strong point here. If your girl blames you for something, you are responsible. Be it tsunami , oil spills , forecasts , her horoscope ! Damn ! It's only you who does all this to her. Why ? You ask why ? Because you are her world! World is responsible for world-wide events ( I know that sounds lame)
So I sit back and listen to her.
She notices the silhouettes on the wall. The ones cast by the candle. She touches the flame with her long nails. It obviously doesn't hurt that way.
"So you must be thinking I crib a lot" , she said.

Sometimes , I think . She does all these things to revisit the old pages of our story. It has been long since we have been together. It could make her feel that I love her a little less now. As I always say, there are dependencies in love , and love towards some dependencies. She makes sure that what exists between us, is the former one. Dependent in love.

So after playing for a while with the candle, she returns to the question.
"I know you crib a lot, but then I love to solve it all for you" , I said.
She smiles, she believes.
She knows very well , that I do not like the fact that she cribs about small things. She must know I am here. And that I will always be here.
As the sun rises, we take the form of silhouettes, the darkness does not separate us, nor does the light.

She sleeps well , her questions are now answered.

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