Friday, October 21, 2011


My break thankfully ends.
The reason I took this break was , I had started blogging something that I am strictly against - Blogging personal.
So I took my time out to know - Is what I think right for me ? Or am I imposing something over myself? Have I always wanted to write personal ? A yes or a no? The answer came NO !
So this post is for every one who blogs personal .

So much good in this world. The internet advances and everyone can have a page of their own. A page to express their views on something. But then the entire world turned personal suddenly , when people started to take their blog posts as yet another personal diary entry. For two years as the editor of my college magazine I tried and encourage the blog culture there. Some good people responded fast, the other good ones did not. So much good again . Vidhi started with her amazing poems ( and Diksha blogged Fashion and Journalism here ( Two people , who should blog, because they are so good at writing. Also there were some others who always came up with love poems. The entries on their blogs were brimmed with love, so much that their beau might just choke and die !
I started blogging with my poems. Till college I could always find stuff to go on and on, but then it decreased and this was the cause of my worry. From the beginning itself, I had Mohit( via whom I came across Tanuj ( , Chandan ( and then Kunal too ( . They have always been my inspiration.
Lately I have come across a few bloggers who write both personal and fiction ( I thought to count myself in this category). But then I gave this thought a halt and hence took a break for the analysis. The analysis is, I never took to blogging because I wanted to write a memoir here. It's a blog, so bloody public. Not my diary(not that I write one) , not my story, not about my meetings with people or the community I live in. Once in a while , it's okay. It's okay to let the world know of your little joys and your limited pains. But I say, why the entire story ? Why your entire life ?
I am a very shy and closed person, I never tell anyone whom ,I have never met , anything apart from my opinion about something that they have asked me. Why should I? They don't know me , and will straight away judge me by my virtual words! Every thing that you read here , is fiction and should be fiction.
Why do you think your blog is another book in the making? Has Chetan Bhagat taken a toll on you?

I came across a very silly life story today , and I realized why I could not find words in my Jagjit Singh post (which you will no longer find on my blog) . Because I never wanted to post about his death. It's my personal music choice.
Anyway, the story was utterly disgusting , with all the wrong stuff. Such misguiding stuff. Write about issues that would make a change , or write fiction. Why write for page hits ? Why write a diary ? How much thrilled people feel in being revealed !
Such open stories that I can tell their ABCD. And all this for getting known ?  I feel no thrill in knowing someone whose life is a public page and there is nothing more to him/her than just that one page! He/She is not a deeper person, not a thinker , he/she has nothing which only I as a friend can know.

 If only you know, how beautiful it is to know someone actually , you will never commit such a crime.
Of course you are a gregarious person and you like to make friends. But then open your story to be fetched , caught and suffocated with fake appreciations ? Talk to people in person , get to know them better , but why place every such meeting on a blog ?
I am averse to this idea of a blog replacing a personal diary.

I think the best way to know yourself , is through your eyes. Your words are so important , pen them down in your diary , for introspection. Not on any blog to misguide someone or reveal your social self !

Blog for a cause or blog for your fiction.

I hereby remove one such post , which was never meant to be posted.

I feel good to back here. Now that I know , what to avoid ! :)

Ironical , I know , because this post itself is personal. But no more personal posts !

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