Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas :)

A deep sense of void fills me. I haven't been writing. Zilch. Except the monotonous MBA papers, there is nothing that I manage to write. The irony is that an year back, I used to love writing. Has the love waned?
Today when festival songs echo in my campus and I seem like a misfit to this festivity with 2 books in my hand and nothing related in my head, I wonder why did I stop writing? How difficult it was to shell out half an hour of my day and write about the thing that made it a good one, or maybe a bad one. This love for life seems to have retreated. Or maybe I have stopped giving enough time to things I once loved. I loved acting neurotic , being human, cracking poorest of jokes, gifting people chocolates and doing random stuff for them to make their days. I haven't been acting myself. Lost? Yes, I am.

This sense of loss fills me with rage to fight back. For every love is worth fighting for. I unnecessarily blink my eyes to console myself of my overwhelming loss, the kind that even refuses to squeeze out as tears. The point is that everything can change in some trivial moments but what matters is that how we lived before that moment arrived. So make goodbyes lovelier, greetings affectionate and times worth remembering. Every moment you spend, should be worth your time on earth. God Bless! Merry Xmas :)

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