Friday, March 16, 2012

Love .. and loved

Dear Love

It is painful to know some people regret you. For life is so empty without having you to cherish by side. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a nose you love , the eyes you can die for , the skin that refreshes you , the fragrance that you recognize and the reason that your search for the perfect someone has ended. . I always thought love gives you another chance on it. Once you lose someone you love , you can have them in some other form. Life comes a full circle after all . It is disappointing some people engage in fights which are very trivial in front of love. Love never ends . It can never turn into hatred either. There can be reasons to pause your love for someone, but none to stop loving someone. After all you hardly meet people who are worth all your time.

Strange that some people don't value it , knowing very well how lucky it is to grow old with someone. Someone who does not weigh you in terms of right or wrong, rather tells you how to shift in between these sides. Someone who knows what a loss it is to lose you. Someone who can hear all your bad jokes and still manage to laugh. Someone who can feel your agony , pain , relief and happiness. Someone who is your second life.

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  1. A beautiful writer u r.sory...sory...hmmmmm.(writing i mean)