Thursday, December 10, 2009

The SoUnD

Every sound makes a sense...only if you have the insight to hear

The music , plays loud and ofcourse,makes more than what you would call a sound . I was sitting and wondering on whats happening around me. why is there chaos, why cant I see some light and why are people following me , and why are some following my traits, why cant thins stay different, from person to person , why does one need a thing common. Is joining more fun
? is commonality a sign of connetion?
The sound of chaos made me realise that I need to stop that one. Atleast
from piercing my ears. Thoughts and sounds are analogous , they invoke
and provoke you to shout !!
And drive you mad at times, they definatly rob you of all he peace you had. But the question is, why does the music seems maddening a times? because, not everytime you can hear music. they say excess of everything
is bad, and so is of music.
There are times when the abundance of things we love , seem to make life devoid of the other things . the key is stay balanced.

Rock , pop , punk , good , bad...hail and live in the muic of life. It will make you dance all the way ( quite literally ) Choose your choice of music. God played fair and did not give us choice
of days , but he did give us the coice of the music that we can choose on
that days .
I went through some things I recently did, the music was a disaster , but I survived, coz, it was just in my hands how to deal with it .
 I deal , and get off , chuck it , and move on . lets take the music as it plays .

say ... let the music play baby !!!

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