Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flies !

It never takes permission ! Annoying creation this time is ! All it knows is to fly super fast in good days
I almost laugh at the day I first came to this place . My exact words were , "mom all this girls will eat me up ! "
And I was not wrong , I no longer exist in one piece ! They ate a lot of me! :)
For those who helped me survive, in literal sense were a handful of people . I have the count on my fingers. Such reality and illusion these girls were . For at times they were really absurd in their possessiveness about me and unreal because they dived along with me , as and when I wanted !
Plain crazy !
We share hundreds of jokes . Repeated , stale , but still producing laughter , rather gigs !
We hear stories , again and again and again . And can recite them by word till now !
We still share music , my abandoned choices never leave the urge to be heard . And they never pay heed, they so purely hate my music choice and I still love them for this!
We ignore each other freely , no compulsions or formalities , and the very next moment jump into a loud gossip with the same set of folks . Unpredictable yet together.
We spend a lot of time thinking about food . Imagining pizzas and pasta's and a lot of other stuff . I wonder if I will ever enjoy eating alone . Milk is loved only because it gives some extra time to chit chat over the fixed mess table.
Laziness is a mounting parameter in each one of us , and we can make silliest of reasons to put work over the other person . Its only about moving an inch to open the almirah ! but still we have contenders and conditions running through our brain for the huge task ! ;)
Choices are no choices ! its always a group thing. For one we order chilly paneer and for one we usually go for coffee , for me the sizzler comes and one fights with the other if she misses on her chow-mien order.
While we study together its more of a party . We never forage for food , we always rely on the inertia laziness causes.
We love going on the roof when its rainy ! Just because one of us is a sky lover ! And she literally ogles the sky !
We love laughing at one ! Her laughter makes us smile! And she never minds it !
We watch one getting confused at blink of an eye and laugh , rather than clear the confusion . We let each other grow :P
We love one for her kiddish smile and her ubiquitous sympathy with strangers ! She wins one and all !
We love one for being unique in her own ways and a free soul !
We love one for being our pet snake for the lifetime , and that her hands love her cheeks and we adore the scene created henceforth ! :P
We love one for being a tiny sweet calm soul . We fail to provoke her too at times , she does her own things , in her own sensible way.

We are habitual of the habits and not irritable of the irritations . Its all more than routine , and deeper than the deepest instincts within.
We are not nostalgic of leaving , but determinant to keep in touch 
We know we wont cry for each other , but will yearn 

We have fights over which place we will go together and spend time
We remind each other daily of the number of days left , not a word less , not a word more .
We make charts and write silly things
Make birthdays sometimes the most dull day of our lives , with a ritual of never wishing on time and jumping over the cake and still very cutely make up for it.
We pretend that we wont miss each other , till the first day of separation only I assure  .
We are obvious in every move and catch at one sight if the other is sad
And sadness is then cured only by making fun of it ;)
We are heavily doped with facebook and stumble and discuss every useless and useful thing.
And instill the pet words all over like a spell !

We shout , scream , create magic !
And we know we are so used to each other , that life away would be next to impossible .
Yes we want the same set of people all over again , at every step in life from now on !

A few Days to Go , Time will fly ! :)

I will miss you . Till we meet again !

~to Zonked ( my group ) ...on special request :P ( such adorable frankness ) <3
~from saki

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