Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mi SS ed :)

I missed this space . I had a lot on mind but could on press the tabs and publish things here . None complicated though . Perhaps impressions of a semi-idle, mainly engrossed cerebrum .

The first thing I wanted to write about was food . Mangoes in particular . If you haven't had mangoes , sweet delicious yellow things in existence , then your life is surely futile . I observed my appetite for mangoes has grown humongous and I ogle at them as soon as I open the fridge and wish instantly that I could have all of them , the very moment. I pity those  who, because of unavoidable reasons, cannot have mangoes . God bless you guys :) There is nothing like eating mango seed like an obsessed kid that would do anything to savour this food of summers.
Mangoes can certainly spread sweetness into this malign world . It sweeps  into my sweet parts , like a perfume intrudes the skin aroma . I wish you a mangolicious summers ! Yes I know thats not a word , but you are smart enough to get the idea.

The next big thing , or say little slimy thing I wanted to write about was women . I myself being a girl , find  some species of my clan quite disheartening , some weird , some voracious extroverts , but still , somehow , all into existence and all acceptable . I was recently watching a movie scene ( not very patient with movies ) , in which this girl was tricking her Ex-husband by fake wailing and moaning about something that she wanted him to do for her. And I realized how mean this act was . We (read women) easily make voices , exaggerate matters to the extent that even an ant can feel like an elephant and still we do not appreciate the men around us for buying into our nonsense (not always tough) . More disgustingly , we blame them to be flatterers ?? How on earth will that creature escape from a wail and a moan ? They are thankfully , not as insensitive as my clan . And I don't know why I always thought that I am a female chauvinist , but I guess I', degrading day by day :P

Another thing that kept me busy all this while was Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi's ~ The last song of dusk . I like a lot of thiings about this writer , in particular his eye for situations . He describes them so beautifully that after each chapter I finish of this book , I feel soaked in ambrosia , something that not only can save my life , but of millions of people . He has the clout to bring your wildest and weakest emotions to reality , just like the remembrance of a song you once loved . I have never read someone's work so carefully . Nor do I think I will (not patient with books either) . I usually read books with the intention of finishing them off soon . But this I read with all my will , to breathe , preserve and live each page . Such that I can ponder upon its beauty and think about it later during the day . He is magic with words .

A friend of mine recently went abroad to study and was narrating me some of his encounters with people there . And I realized , perhaps , apart from the majority of India , people are very broad minded . More than my 'very' can suffice for. Perhaps that's the sole reason why public's thoughts and needs are paid a lot of heed . More than my "a lot of " can suffice for . They are listened , obeyed and their welfare is counted . They face less issues of corruption and food inflation and raised diesel prices , probably because their governments know , how much a common man there ears and how much they can willingly spend . Yes we certainly need to imbibe somethings from this culture . Some good things our politicians can look forward too . In this way a lot of useless policies , like counting of black money and investing time and resources of such talented brains (which can be put to productivity to introduce betterment in the budget ) into such paperwork can be saved .
I feel I'm on a rescue spree ! :P

I will very soon come up with guys diary entry part 3 . Lot's on my devil mind .

Wake up, my post is over ! :P You mean sleepy head ;)

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