Monday, May 9, 2011

LaSt touCh ...

Tuck me a little closer
It has been a long time
Yes , your arms around
And the shoulder here my side
With this night I will leave
On a distant journey with you not near
Beats of the body will halt
I don't know how much that will count as peace
While in your cocoon I rest
And tire you to your unrest in sleep
I will wonder about the lonesome morning
That tomorrow you will, without me, breath
Broken a promise , I know I am guilty
But tonight punish me only by binding me to you
I no longer will be able to open my eyes 
So let me rest with the reflection of us , two
I do not have strength tonight
Unarmed by health I am
For till I complete my last poem
Let me lay on your lap
the place where I wish to die 
Hell or Heaven I don't know my place
But  for now , I'm relieved , you are my home
And every time your tears will fall upon my tensed forehead
I will feel the rain again  like last time we were close
Only this will be the wanted love
Only this will be the last touch perhaps
By the end of this , I might fall asleep
Tuck me a little closer 
I know this last sleep will take me far away

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